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Kate Middleton Wedding Headband-Royal Wedding Jewelry Collection

Kate Middleton chose to wear the Cartier “halo” tiara wedding headband.Kate Middleton Stylish Wedding headband Was Giving a perfect match look with the her wedding gown.

Kate Middleton Wedding Jewlery

Kate Middleton decided to wear the Cartier “halo” tiara on her royal wedding, which was initially made in 1936 then bought  by the Duke of York  for his wife, Elizabeth’s mother . He then gifted this headband to queen elizebath. This elegant headpiece, which is as understated as a headband of  diamonds can be, was lent to Kate by the Queen herself the Queen’s 1981 wedding gift to Diana was the Cambridge Lovers’ Knot Tiara. Diana also wore a Spencer family tiara on her royal wedding .








Kate Middleton Wedding Hairband



Kate Middleton Wedding HairStyle


William and Kate Wedding

Get Cool wedding outfit ideas from these royal wedding pics to look as gorgeous as kate middleton.

Royal Wedding Dress


Kate Middleton Wedding Headband

Kate Middleton Hairstyle Wedding

Kate Middleton Earrings


Kate Middleton Wedding EarRings

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