30 Stylish Shoes to Wear With Boyfriend Jeans For Chic Look

Prior to reading this post our lovely fashionistas may have wondered what boyfriend jeans are and how you wear them with different outfits and different shoes. Boyfriend jeans came out being the opposite of skinny jeans, basically to provide a bit of comfort to the ladies who got tired of the fittings. Boyfriend jeans are a little baggy and worn out and are comfortable to the most. But the newer versions are more slimmer yet almost a cloud to wear. Most women find themselves a bit stuck when it comes to what shoes are appropriate to wear with boyfriend jeans. Rolled up boyfriend jeans have a unique shape and as such, certain shoes will compliment the look. But what styles of shoe are ideal? Well, Outfit Trends bring you 30 different  types of footwear to wear with boyfriend jeans. Remember though you are not limited to these styles so have a look at the images as well for extra influence.

(1)Caged Heels

As the term relaxed clothing comes to mind, boyfriend jeans are the first wardrobe essential every jean lover should have. Mostly they are worn in a rolled up manner so one of the shoes that add a look of glam are caged heels. They offer a sexy twist on boyfriend jeans. As stated in previous articles, caged heels are a simple way to break up a black color which occurs with plain boots. An array of colors can be chosen from. The brighter the color, the brighter the outfit and a bigger sense of confidence and sexiness will be achieved. You should mostly match your heels with the top or the bag you are going to take.

(2)Low Top Sneakers

These jeans are so versatile that you can wear them at a semi formal event or can be up in a funky style. Your choice. Now if you have opted for a sporty look low top sneakers are a best find.This type of shoe is great for that sneaky, cheeky showing of ankle. Boyfriend jeans are not so fitting and so create a baggy look and lack of leg shape. Match a black cropped top with a white flannel shirt. Low top sneakers give this look a more feminine and shaped finish by showing a little flesh. Dark or bright colored low tops are acceptable and are the perfect footwear during the summer period.

(3)Ankle Booties
Winter look with boyfriend jeans is a bit tricky. Rolled up ankles mean that you will be cold also. So choosing a warm pair of shoes which add to the style is a must. These ankle boots,chunky heeled or stilettos, this style of shoe is also great for adding a girly look to boyfriend jeans. Ankle booties can be peep toe for extra zing as they will cover the ankles. Now they provide the cover as well as a mod look. And you can also go for ankle booties which have an outside zip or sparkly heel? Little touches such as these will give the outfit a little bit more detail. But just a pair of shoes will not be enough, you need to take in the fact that your shirts or sweaters and jackets will be completing the whole outfit perfectly. So focus on these elements also.

ankel booties with boyfriend jeans


(4)Pointed Pumps

If you have been invited to another party and are tired of wearing frocks and gowns go for a pair of old boyfriend jeans and amp up the heat with a pair of these plain pointed yet killer blue pumps. These will give your look a slinky yet casual image which you so desperately want. This type of shoe adds a sense of elegance to boyfriend jeans. Try a pair of rounded pumps if points are not for you. These will also give a more sophisticated look as well as keep you comfortable. Wear a white plain top with a blue blazer for the complete look.



(5)Flat Sandals
Flat sandals are the typical summer beach style shoe and come in such a vast amount of shapes and styles that finding your ideal pair is as easy as pie. A perfect pair and dress to wear to a shopping spree during the warmer weather. This shoe is perfect for a casual but smart look with boyfriend jeans. Take a nice long shoulder bag for the extra measure.


Addition Tips to Wearing Boyfriend Jeans
Roll up jean hems to a size that suits you, your physique and also your choice of footwear. Some shoes will benefit from a larger hem than others. It is also wise to remember that stiletto and points will give the legs length and the whole image a sleek and slim look. Try and be adventurous with your choice of shoe. With a wide range of styles and colours, patterns and embellishments make your shoe stand out from the crowd. Match a belt with your shoes for extra finesse. This will bring added energy to the whole outfit.

Why not check out the combinations of shoe styles with boyfriend jeans below and discover your own perfect look.

(6) Boy Friend Jeans with Trainers

we love this ultra chic and fabulous look which is giving off the edgy vibe. A blue metallic shirt is all you need for a party at your place and boyfriend jeans so that you can handle everything also. Loose straightened hair and smokey eyes is the perfect combo when matched with white low top sneakers for the comfort.

(7) Ripped Boy Friend Jeans with Long Boots

Also see What outfits to wear with Long boots for Chic Look. Another winter look. Now you don’t need to show off your ankles every time you put on a pair of jeans. Keep everything warm with this long boots in contrasting shade. A black blazer with a nice maroon scarf and kohl in the eyes is the only trick to add to the already perfect look.


 (8)Distressed BoyFriend Jeans with T bar Heels

(9) Boy Friend Jeans with Buckle up Boots

Going to a concert where you will be standing for hours. this dress code is an absolute essential. A killer look with a silk lapel blazer and powder pink shirt.


 (10) Boy Friend Jeans with Chunky Chelseas

This styling idea is for the rick takers as it is not easy to rock kimono blazer with a pair Chelsea boots.

(11) Boy Friend Jeans with Flat Sandals

(12) Boy Friend Jeans with Timberlands

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(13) Boy Friend Jeans with Flats

(14) Boy Friend Jeans with Jordans

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15 – Birkenstocks

16 – Gladiator Heels

(17) Boy Friend Jeans with Vans

(18) Boy Friend Jeans with Wedge Heels


 (19) Boy Friend Jeans with Combat Boots

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Source: FameFlynet Pictures

(20) Boy Friend Jeans with Shinny Flats

(21) Boy Friend Jeans with Converse

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 (22) Boy Friend Jeans with Biker Boots

(23) Boy Friend Jeans with Platform Shoes

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24 – With High top Wedges

 25 – Loafers

26 – High Tops Sneakers

27 – Booties


What Shoes Celebrites Wear with Boyfriends Jeans

 28 – Kim Kardashian With studded ankle booties

29 – Kendall Jenner in Peep toe booties

30 – Jennifer Lopez in flat flip flops