This Is Exactly How to Re-Create Emily Blunt’s Perfect-for-Summer Braid

Each morning, we scour the internet in an effort to collect and study our favorite celebrity beauty looks. It’s fun! (And it’s our job.) Luckily, you can reap the benefits too. We’ll be updating this story with the top beauty wins each week, along with expert advice on how to copy the looks at home. […]


10 Reasons Saoirse Ronan Is Officially Our Summer Makeup Muse

Saoirse Ronan captivates us for multiple reasons, including, but not limited to, her sharp wit, impeccable acting, outspoken political voice, and of course major beauty chops. The latter, as of late, has been epitomized by a whispy, baby blonde bob and barely detectable makeup aesthetic. In fact, it’s a stunning look that, when we got […]


Kylie Jenner Is Officially One of the Richest Women in America

Kylie Jenner has a knack for delivering us a daily dose of media frenzy. (Just two days ago, our office was buzzing with her recent makeunder—and no, we’ve never uttered the term “dissolved” as many times in 24 hours before.) But today, Jenner has the world agog for a different reason entirely—her riches, baby. Yep, […]


8 Shopping Secrets for Anyone Obsessed With Too Faced

Meander through the makeup department of a Sephora or Ulta, and if any brand manages to make you do a double take, our bets are on Too Faced. Founded in the 1990s by the unabashedly fabulous Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson, the line of cheekily named, brightly colored, unicorn- and candy-themed makeup has become one […]


17 Must-Have Products Models Like Cindy Crawford and Adriana Lima Actually Use

Aside from makeup artists, models just might be our most trusted source when it comes to gleaning effective makeup tips and product must-haves. After all, it’s their job to be photographed. And in turn, their faces and beauty aesthetic are fawned over by millions. Plus, most of them have been in the industry for years now, […]

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NYC Girls (Except for Me) Completely Avoid This Impractical Trend

PHOTO: Collage Vintage For the past few months, my Instagram feed has been taunting me with pint-size handbags—teeny bucket bags with polished metal handles, petite crossbody iterations barely larger than a deck of cards, and miniature satchels that look almost too cute to wear. It’s not just that they’re out of my price range—although, to […]

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This Abandoned Accessory Trend Is Making a Big Comeback

We predicted that costume jewelry would be making a big return in 2017 once we witnessed major labels from J.W.Anderson to Marni sending shamelessly bold jewelry pieces down the S/S 17 runways. With classic purveyors of over-the-top costume jewelry like Gucci maintaining its title as the It label of the moment—and its celebration of maximalism […]

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New York vs. Paris: How Style Stars Dress in Different Cities

For the style stars who brave an entire month of jet-setting and fashion shows, we have to wonder, do they ever run out of outfits? The answer, of course, is a resounding no. Still, it’s interesting to see what everyone’s toting along to different cities. We kept our eye on New York’s best street style as […]

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Proof “Dad Shoes” Are the Next Big Sneaker Trend

We have witnessed our fair share of sneaker trends this year, whether it be pastel sneakers, sock-boot sneakers, or slip-on sneakers, but the sneaker trend that is currently dominating the fashion scene is definitely one for the books. At first, it was hard to pinpoint what the style we were suddenly seeing everywhere reminded us […]

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4 Things French Girls Will Wear This Spring

If your phones are anything like ours, they’re cluttered with screenshots of French girls looking effortlessly cool. They can transform a simple top and jeans with an artfully placed scarf or basket bag. And they have the ability to make fashion-forward pieces look like they’re been in the closet for years. Come on, they even […]