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20 Amazing Valentine’s Day Nails Looks

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, it’s about this time of the year when all females, taken as well as single, begin to plan out their ideal Valentine’s Day. For me, doing my nails is a big part of this holiday, because it’s a great way to go all out without seeming too cheesy. However, there […]

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50 Gorgeous Summer Nail Designs You Need To Try

As summer roles around, so do new fashion trends! Girls start to wear their hair in beachy waves, choose outfits with brighter colors, and even go for more fun and exciting nail art as the warmer weather comes around. Some common motifs for the summertime are waves, pineapples, mermaids, and of course bright florals; all […]

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20 Signs You Are A Beauty Junkie

If you are a girl who likes beauty, there is no doubt that your bathroom counter is covered in products that you have. Being a beauty junkie means that your makeup collection never seems complete, yet you could still be on an episode of Hoarders. Here are 20 signs that you are a beauty junkie. […]


Wire Nail Art Is Going to Be Your New Beauty Obsession

Wire nail art will be the new trend as it is opening doors of creativity and creating designs that are suggestive of a lot of imagination. The wire used for the nail art is malleable, meaning that nearly whatever shape you want can be created. The wire can be trimmed to create stunning minimalistic manicures […]

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DIY Nail Art with a Bobby Pin

Nail decorations don’t just have to be something that you can only get done at the salon. You can make your own nail art using things you have around your house,. Materials: Nail polishes Bobby pins Toothpicks Rhinestones (if you want) Clean coat polish Paper plate   First apply your two base coats of the […]

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Splatter Nail Art Tutorial

Nail art seems to be all the rage these days. But who wants to go to a salon and spend hundreds of dollars when you can do it yourself? Now I’m not the best manicurist, but even this splatter nail art is something I can do to myself, and so can you! All you need […]

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6 Nail Colors for Fall 2015

Not all the trends this fall season revolve around apparel. Keeping your nails on point is key to creating that perfect fall look. To make sure you’re on trend with the season’s favorites, here are 6 nail colors you should don this fall! 1. Copper tones What represents Fall more than that warm copper hue? Can’t you […]

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6 Fall Nail Trends Every Girl Should Try

Nails are an essential fashion statement. From colors and shapes to intricate designs; there are countless ideas worth replicating from your manicurist or experts on social media. Gone are the days of sufficing with a basic manicure! Take a look at 6 of the year’s hottest fall nail trends for some ideas on how to embrace your […]