10 Reasons Saoirse Ronan Is Officially Our Summer Makeup Muse

Saoirse Ronan captivates us for multiple reasons, including, but not limited to, her sharp wit, impeccable acting, outspoken political voice, and of course major beauty chops. The latter, as of late, has been epitomized by a whispy, baby blonde bob and barely detectable makeup aesthetic. In fact, it’s a stunning look that, when we got our first glimpse of Ronan’s August cover for Vogue, we gasped at (albeit in pure and utter delight). There, staring back at us in true Ronan form, is a summer-perfect example of the actress’s perpetual beauty ambiance: covetable, achievable, minimal, and oh so pretty.

Since the Vogue spread whet our appetite for a scrubbed-clean face, we thought we’d quench it with a 10-look roundup featuring Ronan’s best-ever minimal makeup looks. It’s summer, after all, and what better time than now to get a much-needed dose of practically invisible product inspiration? Thought so. Saoirse Ronan is officially our summer makeup muse. Keep scrolling to see 10 reasons for it.

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We’re taken with the golden-lit minimalism of Ronan’s beauty look for Vogue, complete with windswept strands, a warm nude lip, and in-the-spotlight freckles. 

2 / 10Photo: Getty Images

A theme you’ll notice: If Ronan departs from a neutral monochrome makeup look, she’ll choose just one other place to make a statement. Here, she complements her dusky lids with a pop-of-magenta lip.

3 / 10Photo: Getty Images

See what we mean? Take two: a vampy shade of bourdeaux and the subtlest hint of gloss (which accents her opalescent baby pink eyelids).

4 / 10Photo: Getty Images

Take three: peachy-nude eye shadow, one coat of mascara, perfectly defined brows (we die), and a bold matte lip for a punch of color.

5 / 10Photo: Getty Images

Holographic eye shadow and a ladylike pinkish mauve lip? Who knew the two could look so good together? Or, perhaps, it’s just Ronan’s nymph-like incandescence that pulls the juxtaposition together so deftly.

6 / 10Photo: Getty Images

Is it just us, or is the actress literally not wearing any makeup? She must be, but we’re spellbound by her light bubblegum pout and feathery-full brows.

7 / 10Photo: Getty Images

With her blonde hair strategically pulled back, Ronan’s sun-kissed eye glow and luminescent peach lip gloss take center stage. As they should.

8 / 10Photo: Getty Images

A tad medieval, we love the old-world vibe of Ronan’s black gown accented by plum-lined lashes and rose-dusted cheeks and lips.

9 / 10Photo: Getty Images

For this look, the actress’s unexpected ponytail was the main draw. To supplement the whimsy and warmth, her makeup looked candlelit with gilded shades of bronze and peach—starting at her eyelids and spreading to her temples. 

10 / 10Photo: Getty Images

Last but not least, here lies Ronan’s quintessential aesthetic: a neutral eye with a touch of sheen complimented by a pastel pink flush of color on her lips and cheeks. Clear gloss accents.

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