When Should You Tuck In Your Shirt?

Forget what you had been told growing up — you do not need to tuck your top in every single moment. Everything depends on what you are wearing and the conditions. But how can you tell which ones are to be hidden away and which ones to leave free? We’re here to help dispel the mystery. “The key factor is design,” states Wayne Carter, Director of Technical and Quality Assurance and neighborhood men shirt expert at T.M.Lewin. ‘If the shirt has an extra-long tail then it should be tucked in, particularly if it is more in the back than front, called scalloped.
These types tend to be for formal situations anyhow, like the workplace or an event, where you would want to maintain a smart look even at the close of the night. Carter continues:”The second most important factor to think about is the situation you are dressing ,” — meaning that you obviously wouldn’t use an untucked best shirt to a board meeting. They can also be patterned or textured, which looks best left informal, for dress-down days and following work trips to a sunny beer garden. Take your construct into account as well, as tucking in your shirt makes your legs look longer and therefore is ideal for men of a stature. Those that are slim and tall can leave their shirts loose to avert a separation between their upper and bottom halves. But no matter what, if you are wearing a blazer then place away your excess material for a neat look.