Top style matching for your body shape

The tunic is a magic garment which can be adapted to all silhouettes and give you style in no time! But, selecting the wrong model for you can make you appear dated and dull instead of fabulous and stylish. We’re here to help you pick the tunic for the body shape! For all those with shoulders that are wider and a toned body, choose a tunic that’s much more fluid at the base and fitted on top. Boho cutswith puffy sleeves and a bottom, will look good. V necklines and sleeveless options are ideal to draw attention to the upper body. However, be cautious with rigid fabrics. They can lead to creasing. With these options, you can’t go wrong! Wear your shape to be balanced by your tunic with leggings or thin denim .
FOR V SHAPED BODIES Opt to get a blouse with sleeves, even ones, In case you’ve got a large bust, wide shoulders and thinner legs. Draw attention to your legs with lady shorts or patterned or coloured skinny pants and go to look absolutely gorgeous! You’re tall and slender? Wearing tunics will not be a struggle! However, we think that you would not mind making some nice curves. Put on a belt in your natural waist or move to get a tunic that already has a cordon. Straight pants will look good on you. Simply wear them with mules that are horizontal. Cute and Trendy! You are miniature? Fitted and Brief tunics are fantastic for you! If you would like to add a cute jacket, just be sure if you want to reveal the complete extent of your legs, that it doesn’t cover your butt! In terms of pants and shorts, go for some thing fitted. Ankle pants (7/8) will also match your smaller figure! FOR O SHAPED BODIES Without producing undesired folds, to showcase your curves, prefer a tunic. Due to their encouraging effect, leggings are a great option for you. Jeans also work but be sure they’re thin enough to be worn under your tunic without adding too much volume. Pull-on trousers are awesome if you’d like a more ordered effect!