Paris Fashion Week: The Queen of the Season is Leather

The roundup of events which will indicate women’s and men’s styles for the coming seasons continues. There’s a lengthy calendar of events with Paris Fashion Week that currently alternates Milan. The town capital awarded its imprinting to future fashion and has taken the baton up. Basically, the trend is already underway with Paris’ men fashion also it confirms the return of having the grand leather style, just like the last had. Praised, appreciated, celebrated, this material right now is after years of disinformation and attacks. The triumphs on the catwalks are made from leather jackets, coats, tight dresses and of course, accessories like shoes, bags, and belts and there’s not anything you can do to prevent this. Whether people talk bad or good about it, you can not deny that it is among the greatest clothes and accessories material, should you know how to handcraft these (such as does). Everything revolves around the rediscovery. It is shown off for its aesthetic value but also because of what it represents — ageless and classic looks. Together with the eco along with the green statement — see the plastic group — the true leather today represents a bulwark to conscious and exclusive luxury.
What emerges in the last Parisian shows is a fashion that must wrap and shield us against the pitfalls of everyday life while making us feel as divas. The accessories and garments will need to be operational for everyday challenges and to be able to shield us from the evils of their world like mad climate changes, pollution, and weather catastrophes in order to satisfy everybody, such as the skeptics as well. In short, within this context of constant emergencies, the leather is our glamorous defense, a precious and one of a kind armor that gives elegance and contemporaneity, and additionally strength to each unique fashion . Because of this, needs to be a point of reference; a good brand with ancient traditions, which were operating together with painstaking craftsmanship for a century with fine materials like leather, changing it to exclusive, custom-made and hand-made shoes with a discreet and comfortable elevator system. The raw material that we work with is a licensed leather that is molded with ability. According to healthy, ethical and eco-sustainable fundamentals we’ve got trendy elevator shoes and exclusive accessories which improve the leather material itself, transforming it.