How to Choose a Flower Girl Dress Guide

Many flower girl dresses are usually a miniature replica of the bride’s wedding dress, but this doesn’t mean that it has to coordinate with the bride’s attire exactly. You are able to choose exactly the exact same style and theme of the wedding gown such as vases and fabrics like lace or lace, but you may opt for a cap sleeve for your flower girl’s dress, whereas the bride’s dress might be strapless. You might even decide to change the neckline and shape of this flower girl’s dress.
There’s also the option of choosing the flower lady’s dress at precisely the same colour as the bride’s dress but with the addition of a lace sash matching the colours of the bridesmaid’s dresses. This is a way to maintain the color theme of the wedding showcased. Traditionally, flower girl dresses are white with a complete ruffled skirt underneath to create a”decorative” look.
Dress for the season!
Think about the time of year you’re getting married before you make a decision on the cloth or colors for your flower girl gown. There are so many colours available, so if your wedding is in Fall or Winter, you could choose rich fabrics such as velvet or velours which will keep the small girls warm. Lighter fabrics such as silks and silk chiffon could be selected for the Summer and Spring seasons to help keep your flower girl from becoming too hot. For extra warmth in Winter, tights can be worn out but tights would be too hot in the summertime. Fabrics such as silk or velvet don’t wrinkle easily, but it is still a fantastic idea to wait until the very last minute before you dress your flower girl. To guarantee a clean, wrinkle free flower girl dress, don’t dress her until you are going to depart to your wedding, preventing her from spilling food or drinks on the dress and leaving it free of wrinkles.
A flower girl dress is not meant to stand out from the audience, but instead to complement the bride and bride dresses. It can be the same colour as the bride’s like white or ivory, or the exact same colour as the bridesmaids. Many choose ivory or white and then accent it with coloured sashes or accents to match the bridesmaid’s dresses. Do not forget to match the flower petals or bouquet she’s carrying to match those from the bouquets that the bridesmaids are taking. Today much more flower girls are observed carrying a small bouquet befitting her dimension, rather than a basket of flower petals.

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Keep them comfy
Little women need to have the ability to walk and move freely in their dress, so be mindful of the fabric and style you select. You do not need your wedding first impression of your flower girl to be visiting her tripping over, hitching it up or scratching all night! Utilizing gentle, silky fabrics won’t make the small one itchy or fidgety or make them feel uneasy. Making sure that the flower girl dresses are lined indoors will not only increase the comfort of the blossom girl but may also add to the durability and long-term wear of the dress. When choosing footwear go for soft styles such as leather ballet slippers instead of strappy high heels or high heels that can cause blisters and also be quite uncomfortable to walk in if new. She might appear amazing but when your flower girl is uneasy then there’s a good chance she will reveal.
The ideal dress length for the flower girl Since there’s a heightened awareness that young women are more likely to trip on long dresses, it is more difficult to pick a shorter style. If you decide to have more than one flower girl diverse in age, rather than dressing them in exactly the same style or colour, consider using different lengths in the same style or choose a different style in precisely the same color or cloth to deliver the whole look together. Before you shop for a flower girl dress, recall that little girls grow fast, so that if you order a dress six weeks in advance to be sure you receive the colour and style you need, order up a size so it may be adjusted to fit closer to your wedding.