Adding height for formal occasions – some thoughts

I went into a wedding and it got me thinking about the limitations on height addition in formal circumstances. Really, it is simply another of these lifestyle constraints I have mentioned previously, and if you need to dress very formally a lot then you need to think carefully right from the beginning about the level of extra height you will try to add on a regular basis. But , we have to deal with circumstances where the constraints mean we can attain significantly less by means of height than we generally do.

So it got me thinking about these limitations and what they mean I myself was blessed because the wedding was younger, fairly casual therefore not at all of the kind of regimented formal wear that needs a certain type of shoe and match. I was able to very easily put on a pair of my 4″ boots (though even in a simpler environment like this, I wouldn’t have felt right wearing the thicker-soled 5″ styles). The groom himself wore a casual suit and a pair of Cuban heels kind boots with 3″ heels! And he himself is about 6’4″.


But the truth is that we all at some point have to manage the more formal scenarios so this is my take on it. If you’re regularly adding anything around about the 3″ mark and mostly go no higher, then really you’ve got no problems except for determining whether to purchase an excess pair of more formal shoes around the 3.1″ (cm) height. If your lifestyle is like mine like (I work in an area that’s actually casual and almost NEVER wear a lawsuit ), then that’s an issue — do you put money into something special for a very formal event when using that money you would probably more like to purchase something which you could wear all of the time?

The other key really is, to what extent do you absolutely HAVE to maintain upward your height? You will notice it and be mindful of it but they will NOT although it’s easy to imagine that everybody will observe the reduction of a inch. Wearing solid boots that are very large using a formal suit looks right when it is trendy — otherwise it has the look of some of those catwalk shots where you see them attempting to add elevation by wearing great big boots under the tux. All wrong. And a bit on the obvious side. People are not currently measuring each others’ height at occasions — anyone reading this aware of it and is not their stature, naturally — but loads of individuals aren’t. Imho in a position you are best taking it on the chin, dropping a inch and conforming in the event that you have to.