How my father became my fashion icon-dressed

All needing positive vibes. While I am not one for escapism, I have been grateful to find daily pleasure in two activities: talking to my dad in the morning until my work day starts and seeing Seinfeld to fall asleep. They are in California along with my brothers while I’m on the East shore. It is a funny situation to live in a home filled with your family’s stuff without them. By way of instance, one of my dad’s tops is hanging from the bathroom from the previous time he was here in late January when he presumably thought he would be back soon — I think of it because the ghost shirt.
I love to think it was this phantom shirt that kicked off our morning talks. With years of working in the movie business under his belt, he is accustomed to waking up at the crack of dawn, so we tend to start our days today in the same hour regardless of the time difference. Usually, when he’s filming, we catch up over text or simply by sending each other a barrage of news articles every day but this time has created space for us to speak more than we ever have. We have even found similarities in our job and spend some time talking what shoots — if fashion or film — might seem like in a new universe with COVID-19. We bounce ideas off each other, we operate through equipment sanitization, we speak creatively about our thoughts around bringing images to life, and then we speak about what’s for dinner.

I love to brag about the fresh fish I have managed to receive my hands on in the local fishing pier and he informs me the best approach to make it. I promised him early on when I got here that I would stick to nearby species only, and I have kept my word. Now, along with becoming the reminder to call my dad, I think it’s starting to affect my fashion sense. With summer beginning to install, I have found myself looking round the closets of those that I love in need of a little boost. I usually rely on my coworkers for some styling inspiration so maybe this really is filling that void. Anyhow, I’ve found myself drawn to an excessive number of loose fitting button downs, specifically those styled over Mens dress shirts, vintage straight leg Levis, as well as elastic waist shorts. I am all in on menswear for women but especially daddy style. It had been in this understanding it arrived to me — my two minutes of joy are intrinsically linked. My dad definitely always has and always will dress like Jerry Seinfeld. It seems to operate deep in my DNA.
Below, please find one daughter’s party of her daddy’s style, ready for summer 2020 wardrobes. May it also encourage you to phone your loved ones, parents, or favorite father figure.