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Lifestyle is a key, though, to just how much you can eliminate. If I was a person who was always playing sport, I wouldn’t use the 4″ and 5″ luxury elevator shoes that I do, even though I’m quite tall and BigRob’s chart says I can! But if I had been a serious sport devotee, I’d happily wear 3″ daily, set them on after a football match to go to the bar or wherever. Rationale for this is that when you are seen by mates in these situations that are intimate that are kinda frequently, SOMEONE will spot if you have added a great deal of height relative to how you are seen by them . In my scenario 5″ is a whole lot. And 3″ is not. But individuals are not really programmed to calculate or really observe the level of elevation addition. It may so easily be composed in the mind as simply the addition which everybody gets heavier footwear (or near to it) — eg you complete the game and place your Timberlands on. You are a bit taller. Is everyone saying”he has additional height”? No. Then proceed low, so in your own scale if you’re a sports enthusiast. You will not have a problem with that whatsoever. If you are more the socializer and locate your relaxation at the whateveryou can get away with going for the maximum on my graph for your elevation. Here again, though, add a bit to footwear before you get your elevators, simply to give you that confidence. You’ll be surprised.


One of the guys I have met personally who wears lifts is now a fantastic mate. He is 5’9″, swims sometimes, works in advertising and eventually bought his first elevators sport boots— quite standard boots using a 3.1″ (8cm) inclusion, the Portofino I presume. He’d spent a few months adding height and was amazed that nobody noticed that he added height. The same with his elevators. I have been through all of the reasons before folks are simply not that observant with slow and incremental shift.

Presently he’s going to buy a few 4″ (10cm) lifts and is thinking even of 5″ ones to get special.

There’s a lot to be said for beginning at a lower level (but one that still adds real height), especially if you are not tall. However, the key is to always understand that anybody may add a few inches safely and then later go for more when you are totally comfortable (or stay at where you’re once you are happy with the few added inches). It depends upon your own circumstances.