How to Put Your Best Face Forward for Fall

glossier the supers serum

Skin always comes first especially if you want to put your best face forward for fall (and winter)!

As the weather changing,my skin also change drastically. No surprises there – the surprise lies in the fact that what works for me one year doesn’t always work the next, which leads to one experimentation after another. It’s been a while since we last chatted beauty, so I wanted to share a few new things helping me put my best face forward lately.

Glossier – The Supers

First, we recommed the Supers by Glossier – amazing amazing amazing! I’m sure you’ve heard the choir, but you need to hear more if you haven’t jumped the gun. I highly recommend purchasing the set of serums because it’s the best value! I went back and forth on just trying one or two, but gave into temptation and have no regrets. Here’s what you get:

glossier the supers serum

Super Pure – Calms acne-prone skin and contains potent zinc & niacinamide (I was sold on this ingredient)!

Super Bounce – Softens & hydrates skin with hyaluronic acid and fatty vitamins.

Super Glow – Vitamin C – that says enough.

All three work extremely well together, but my favorite combo is the Super Pure and Bounce. I’ve used them in conjunction underneath moisturizer and makeup consistently over a few weeks now, and I’m just so thrilled at how much nicer and clearer my complexion looks. The Super Glow is pretty good, but I’m more concerned about dry spots and acne at the moment; it’s the thinnest in texture and therefore, the more difficult one to apply!

best face forward for fall - moisturizerheat protectant spray

Saturday Skin Moisturizer

I love this cream because it’s super lightweight, but really seals in maximum moisture – something I cannot live without this time of year. Plus, it’s hard to find a moisturizer that’s thin in texture, but effective. I’ve been super impressed. I’m also a huge fan of the dispenser (though it’s quite a pain to travel with because the bulk) and ever-adorable packaging.

Rare Marula Style Extending Primer

This isn’t really for your face, but the product has been a huge benefactor in helping me maintain healthy looking hair. You all know that color-treated hair and repeated use of heat often results in dry and brittle texture. This hair primer protects my strands from further damage while conditioning it.

best lip balm for dry lips

The Base Skin Illuminator

Dull, parched skin can easily be fixed with a good illuminator, and despite what all the magazines and major beauty sites are saying about the demise of highlighters, I’m still adding that shine to my face. This product isn’t too shimmery, so it works perfectly blended into your foundation or moisturizer for a summery glow or can be applied straight from the bottle. The Base is an Aussie brand created by Laura Bingle using only premium ingredients. This is the first time I’ve tried anything from The Base, but I’m already a fan!

Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm

Where has this little jar been my entire life?! It’s not your standard lip balm and feels far from that petroleum texture. It’s a little thick, has a bit of an exfoliating factor, and feels crazy subtle on the lips while delivering superb moisture! This is one of those balms that doesn’t require you to wait for it to settle… Go right on over with a lip product of your choice (yes, even Glossier’s Gen G), and you’re good to go! I’ll never need another lip balm!