Nailing a Mini Skirt Like Alexa Chung

Classic prep

In honor of London Fashion Week, we’re showing you how to nail the secret weapon of our favorite Brit girl’s style! (Hint: Alexa Chung)

We ventured off to find Alexa Chung’s most identifiable fashion item, and after an intense browse , it was unanimous: the mini skirt, which highlights her killer legs (and that might be why)! The mini skirt has the power to be scandalous and relentless, yet empowering and feminine. We can always count on Alexa to show us how to wear it right, and now you can too! Here are three ways you can wear mini-skirts like Alexa!

1 Monocromatic with an edge.

Monocromatic with an edge

Who doesn’t love a monochromatic outfit with a twist? We found one of Alexa’s most distinct ensembles; she normally channels a geek chic or somewhat preppy look, but here, she walks on the dangerous side with bright lipstick and edgy boots!

2 Off duty.

Off duty

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We find Alexa wearing several iterations of this outfit: skirt + knit combo – sometimes with a longer skirt, other times with a shorter one, or even a plain t-shirt. It’s a great combo to fall on when you’re pressed for time.

3 Classic prep.

Classic prep

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Now this is the signature Alexa Chung look we know – very school girl and sophisticated at the same time. The accessories and details she selects always end up very grown up and appropriate. We couldn’t ask for a better result!

We’ve had a girl crush on repeat stunner, Alexa Chung, for a long time now, and especially after this ‘Future of Fashion’ series. Outside the mind blowing outfits, you get a glimpse of her fun and nonchalant personality – she’s comical, witty, and has a certain ease that’s super alluring.