Easy Ways to Keep Your Littlest Guests Entertained at an Outdoor Wedding

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You love kids — your nieces, nephews, your friends’ little ones — and couldn’t imagine not having them at your wedding. To make sure your youngest guests have a good time, plan some special activities and treats that’ll keep them occupied and happy. (Their parents will thank you, too.)

Establish a kids-only area and call it a clubhouse.

A place where grownups aren’t allowed? Awesome! Whether it’s a table or a tent (a simple one, not the four-sided beauty hung with chandeliers and decorated with flowers), the littlest ones will love it.

Cover tables with butcher block paper.

Give youngsters a place to express their creativity, play Tic-Tac-Toe and write down silly poems. Stock with plenty of crayons too.

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Hand out bubbles.

While the older guests imbibe in bubbles of a different sort, kids can have fun blowing the soapy kind from plastic bottles you’ve decorated with custom labels. Don’t be surprised if some grownups get in on the fun!

Set up lawn games.

Go for the classics like ring toss, horseshoes, lawn darts and croquet. (Assign a teen to explain and assist.)

Stock the photo booth with kid-friendly costumes and props.

Fill with princess and super hero costumes. Look for store sales right after Halloween, or ask friends with kids to donate used costumes.

Pass around glow sticks.

As night falls, these neon tubes can become necklaces, bracelets, even tiaras, that kids love to wear.