Brides Share How They Decided to (or Not to) Invite Children

Rachel Balunsat Photography

To invite children to your wedding or not to invite children to your wedding? That is the question that pretty much every couple faces when planning their big day. The choice is entirely personal, and yet it dictates so much about a wedding, from the size to the theme to the vibe. Many planning a more formal, black-tie affair, for example, choose to leave youngsters off the guest list. Others plan alternate activities, which comes with a cost. We’re always curious what drives brides and grooms toward their decision, and how they handled it. With that in mind, we asked our Facebook followers to sound off with their opinions, and here’s what we learned:

“I am having 15 kids at my wedding including my daughter, but we are having a kids table with coloring and a toy corner.” — Kim J. Nichols

“Only my nephews & flower girl cousin are invited. It’s a black-tie optional wedding, that’s $100+ a person. It’s also an evening wedding. It’s just not appropriate for the venue/type of wedding. — April Jenkins

“Yes, because it’s at an amusement park!” — *Noreen M. O’Connor *

“No. I wanted kid free. I’m not a fan of attending an evening wedding with lots of children all over the dance floor. Plus it would add so many more to our list.” — Dara Janine

“I find it rude since I have a large family with kids to invite one and not the other. We are having children at our wedding and I’m excited about it!” — Katelyn Charrington

“No kids at my reception! Adults drinking, a dance floor, DJ that won’t be playing edited music, and lots of things that can be broken/knocked over.” — Kaysie Nickole Williams

“Yes, I will allow my guests to bring their children if they have any. It’s up to the parents if they want to bring them, keeping in mind it’s their responsibility to occupy them.” — Cassandra Allen

“Yes! We have over 20 kids (under 12) coming. We will have two large tables set up for them with special kids centerpieces and a few chaperones. We also have a table with coloring books, crayons, various styles of glow sticks and their own place cards to decorate and write their names on. Our venue allows us a children’s meal option so that helped us make it so kid-friendly. And our adult guests get to enjoy the evening with their kids close by, but supervised. Win-Win.” — Tina Collins Johnson