7 Things Only Former Flower Girls Know About Weddings

Jen Fariello

They may be the tiniest bridal party attendant, but flower girls play a vital role in a wedding. Here, the lessons you learn after being a flower girl.

1. It may be the bride’s big day, but the flower girl receives her fair share of the glory.

Before the bride saunters down the aisle in her gown, all eyes are on her miniature predecessor and the adorably clumsy way she rains petals on the runway.

2. Whatever the bride selects for you to wear is non-negotiable.

Much like bridesmaids, former flower girls are well aware that throwing a tantrum about a bulky ballerina getup of a dress is simply time wasted.

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3. Tripping on the trip down the aisle is considered cute, not clumsy.

When you’re under 10, face-planting will earn you coos and chuckles from wedding guests, not gasps of surprise or horror.

4. The wedding ceremony sounds like gibberish when you’re very young.

Not only do some religious ceremonies carry on for upwards of an hour, they also contain vocabulary and concepts that most five-year-olds can’t grasp. Spending eternity with one person? To an adolescent, it may as well be a lifelong time out.

5. The wedding likely gave you your first glimpse at romance.

Though your parents may be the most affectionate couple on the block, witnessing a newlywed couple’s bliss suggests that spending a lifetime with someone may not be as absurd as it initially seemed.

6. In a competition between the flower girl and ring bearer, you always win.

Though the ring bearer possesses two essential pieces of the wedding ceremony, the flower girl sets the tone for the wedding by heading down the aisle first (in addition to the wedding’s soon-to-be-married couple, its theme, and color scheme, of course).

7. Being a flower girl is like having the best seat in the house.

Your responsibilities are negligible but you can still call yourself a member of the wedding party; a stressed bride will likely direct her frustration towards other, more integral members of the ceremony while you sit pretty; and you’re able to enjoy all the hallmarks of a traditional wedding without any of the nuisances. Perhaps the role of flower girl is the most desirable in a wedding after all.