5 Fall Fashion Trends To Rock This Year

gold metallic skirt fall fashion

You might feel like your taking a step back in time when you see fall fashion trends for this year. Chokers from the 90s, velvet from the 70s and and bomber jackets from the 50s – it looks like 2016 might be a little confused. But we’re not complaining – we can’t wait to rock these 5 fall fashion trends!

1. Gold Metallic

Remember how wearing shiny, gold, metallic attire used to only be appropriate for dress up parties, Halloween, and Las Vegas? Guess what? Thanks to an especially strong presence on the Fall 2016 runway, metallic – especially gold – are poised to be one of the hottest fall fashion trends. Don’t feel comfortable gold head to toe? Try incorporating it into your looks more subtly, with flashes of gold accessories.

Gold Metallic   Gold Metallic

2. Bomber Jackets

Classic aviator-style bomber jackets are back in stores! Expect these trendy jackets to come in all colors and styles. Designers all over the world added extra charm to these jackets by putting statement fur, fall florals, embroidery and animal prints on them. Whether you choose to go for sporty or elegant, there is a bomber jacket out there for you.

Bomber Jackets   Bomber Jackets

3. Fall Florals

It is not often that designers carry florals over to their fall collections, but in 2016 they surprised the world with bold and tasteful floral prints on jackets, dresses, skirts, sweatshirts and pretty much everything else.

Fall Florals   Fall Florals

4. Velvet

Say hello again to the 70s with everything velvet. This thick and cozy material is one of the biggest fall fashion trends this year. Elegant velvet in the form of kick-around sneakers, colorful handbags, sleek flats and flirty evening options will definitely help you to stand out this season.

Velvet items   Velvet items


5. Chokers

It doesn’t matter if you prefer a chunky choker, a thin silky scarf or just some simple statement piece – just make you have something around your neck! This little trend that came back from the legendary 90s will instantly add some extra spice to anything from classy blouses to chic cocktail dresses.

Fashion Chokers    Fashion Chokers