10 Beauty Bloggers Show You How To Get The Perfect Cat Eye

Wearing the “cat eye” is basically a classic look nowadays. It takes some practice to get your signature look down, but it works with every eye shape and eye color. Many beauty bloggers do YouTube tutorials on how to perfect that sharp, precise wing and I know I’ve watched a million of them. Even with their help, I still don’t have it mastered, but usually I just wing it (pun intended!)

1. Melrae Segal

This was made for beginners, but I like it because it is very easily explained and comes out nicely. This tutorial is for a shorter wing but a thicker line. She also gives you the names of all the products she uses.


This cat eye look is so easy to do!

2. The Hairpin

She does a quick job of using Scotch tape to make a stencil for your gel eyeliner. I have tried this before and it takes a little effort to get the tape exactly where you want it but I recommend testing this method out!

3. Eimear McElheron

This method is very helpful and allows your eyeliner to be even on both sides which usually never happens! You use a felt tip eyeliner pen and liquid eyeliner for this method.

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4. Adriana Braje

I enjoy her tutorial because she is very zoomed in on one eye which allows you to really see how she’s doing it. The way she does her liner allows you to customize the length of the wing and the thickness of the line.

5. Makeup Addicted

This tutorial has no words and is very short but it gets the point across. It is done as if you use fake eyelashes. The wing is pretty long and eyeliner is used on the bottom lash line, too. It allows you to see what products are being used as well.

6. Charlotte Tilbury

This tutorial is done by professional makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury and is very informative. She uses a classic black pencil and does the makeup on a model with a crease right where the wing passes through. If you have eyes like this, this tutorial will be extra helpful.

7. Maya Mia

This look is done with a very smoky eye and takes up half of the eyelid. This cat eye is perfect for going out as opposed for everyday wear, but you can change it up with different colored shadows and make it more casual!


This cat eye makeup is perfect for going out!

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8. Ashley Marie

This is specifically for hooded or sagging eyes which can change the kind of wing you like to use. Her eyeliner is very thick but you can change that based on what you prefer.

9. ItsBrittxoxoxo

She uses both gel and liquid eyeliner for her cat eye and also has a very long wing. I like that she shows how to clean up around the wing once it’s done because it makes it look so much better!

10. It’s Kate

Her tutorial is a little different than some of the others. Her wing is shorter and thinner and is also drawn at a different angle than most, making it a unique but beautiful look!

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Featured photo source: https://www.todaysparent.com