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These Are the Best Sneakers to Wear With Spring Dresses

Editor’s tip: Give your strappy sandals a bit of a break this season. After all, as our favorite style stars are showing us, sneakers don’t only look good with pants, but also bring unexpected edge to spring dresses. We’re particularly loving pastel, sock-boot, slip-on, and “dad”-inspired iterations this season in lieu of your typical white […]

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Bye, Aubergine—These Are the Color Trends You Need to Know for Spring

Typically, when you think about seasonal trends, you think about specific styles like off-the-shoulder tops (still everywhere, by the way) or wide-leg pants (ditto). This spring, however, one of the fun things we’re noticing is how the trends aren’t necessarily about specific silhouettes or designs but rather color schemes (namely pink, brights, and black-and-white) that can […]

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Would You Wear It? Embroidered Denim

PHOTO: @blissandmischief Whether it’s a small, personalized stitch or a western-inspired design, embroidered denim is a must-have for you jean collection. If you’re on the fence about this unique trend, let the inspiring denim brand Bliss and Mischief change your mind. The newly launched brand offers chain-stitch embroidery on vintage jeans for a truly covetable […]

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Fashion People Won’t Stop Wearing This Surprising Jean Trend

If you’ve been wanting a new way to wear denim, look no further than a silhouette we’ve been seeing everywhere: extreme flared jeans. And we mean extreme. This new style is nothing like those ’70s bell-bottoms you’ve probably tried before. Instead, the jeans are fitted to the knee but then they fountain out below. Much […]

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Your Next Swimsuit Purchase Should Probably Be From Zara

As you’re probably aware, many of Zara’s categories contain hundreds of items at any given time. For example, it’s currently selling 545 different tops. But when it comes to swimwear, the brand keeps the selection tight and focused on a few all-important trends. Such is the case with its newly released selection of swimwear, which […]

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The #1 Top Style to Buy for Spring Is Also Affordable

You can’t deny the power of a beautiful ruffled top this spring. Perfect for both work and the weekend, and so seasonally appropriate, there’s nothing like a non-basic top to boost your wardrobe and make getting ready in the morning just a bit easier. From dramatic to delicate, solid to striped, black to white, lace […]

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Is This the New Chanel Bag We’re Going to See Everywhere?

In case you’ve been wondering about the bag every fashion girl has been carrying this spring, it has a name: Gabrielle. The quilted bag is named after Chanel’s founder (though everyone called her Coco, her real name was Gabrielle). It’s Chanel’s first major new bag since the Boy bag launched in 2011, and we think […]

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The Easiest Way to Look Amazing This Winter

Let’s cut to the chase—sometimes, thinking of a top, bottom, shoes, and an outerwear piece for your daily ensemble can feel more difficult than waking up at 6 a.m. to switch cars with your roommate due to your unfortunate tandem parking situation. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had one foolproof piece that promised a […]

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The Swimsuit Trend Gaining Major Fashion-Girl Approval

PHOTO: @the_salty_blonde Swimsuit designers agree that a one-piece suit is the single most flattering style no matter your body type. We recently tapped designers, and each backed the fact that you can’t go wrong with adding a one-piece to your swimwear collection this season. Not only is the style insanely flattering, but brands have also majorly increased […]