lipsticks for girls with dark skin
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20 Best Lipstick Shades for Girls with Dark Skin Tone

Darker skin tones are always cooler, catchier and all the very appealing and unique. Unfortunately, the make up and cosmetic brands just takes away their glamour by prioritizing products meant for fairer skin tones. Don’t worry, there is still vast amount of hope and good news as make up products being manufactured that are just meant […]

trial korean skincare with 3b box
Fashion Trends Mackup

Nope, the Korean skincare trend isn’t fading into background noise anytime soon, and it doesn’t seem like subscription services are either…

Beauty Beyond Borders (3B) reached out to the Zanita Studio team to see if we were interested in receiving two test boxes in September. This was a no-brainer considering each box contains a collection of deluxe samples that are either new or popular in Asia, but hard to get your hands on in the States. The products […]

The Fresh Face

How To Keep The Fresh Face

The Cleansing Micellar Water – even the name sounds refreshing right? Water revives and purifies – and is clearly the inspiration for my latest editorial in partnership with La Mer – snapped in the Swedish Archipelago in honour of all things aquatic and revitalising.  It happens to be that I’m pretty particular about my cleansing. In […]

Hair Trends

Oscar’s Hair Trends From the Red Carpet

The Academy Awards are undoubtedly the hottest topic of the week, but aside from the designer fashion and coveted awards themselves, it was the hair styles rocked by the A-listers that really got our attention. Jess Longhurst, the Salon Partner & Artistic Director at Oscar Oscar Salons on the Gold Coast, shares her tips and tricks for achieving celebrity glam […]