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Top 5 Trends Seen All Over Fashion Month

Even though fashion month is over, and we’ve ranted about street style throughout every major fashion city, a few issues surfaced… We saw certain patterns, consistency, and trends repeatedly. Supposedly, street style is the place to scout the latest trends, but that Vogue controversy may have left some of you puzzled. Well we’re still wagering on street style for some good fashion inspo, […]

Hair Trends

Oscar’s Hair Trends From the Red Carpet

The Academy Awards are undoubtedly the hottest topic of the week, but aside from the designer fashion and coveted awards themselves, it was the hair styles rocked by the A-listers that really got our attention. Jess Longhurst, the Salon Partner & Artistic Director at Oscar Oscar Salons on the Gold Coast, shares her tips and tricks for achieving celebrity glam […]